Fred n Freda's Freight
Forwarding n Freightliners

Company Profile

Fred n Freda’s Freight Forwarding n Freightliners (FnFFFnF) was formed in the year 2010 to deliver quality and professional events on behalf of Australian organisations. Freda had worked in the freight long haul business for some time when she met Fred. Fred was running a hotel in Broken Hill and was looking for a change.

Fred and Freda met up socially and became good friends. They decided that they would go into business together in the field of freight forwarding. It was a plan that had great appeal to both of them because Freda had a great deal of experience in the industry and she had dreamed of moving from being an employee in long haul freight to actually managing her own business.

Going into business with her friend, Fred, felt like she was realising her dream. Fred also was pleased with the opportunity for a change. He had been owning and managing pubs for many years and looked forward to a change so he decided to sell up his share in the hotel and back Freda in her dream of running her own freight company.

So was born Fred n Freda’s Freightliners. The capital injection Fred brought to the company was sufficient to get them off to a good start in establishing the business. They had enough to purchase a good size warehouse and vehicle yard in Broken Hill. They held back from rushing into the purchase and took the time to develop a detailed business plan. One of the findings of their Business Plan was that the location of their operations would be critical to its success.

Maybe Broken Hill was not the best place to locate the business. Timing is important in business. The research that Fred and Freda did while developing their Business Plan discovered, that Parkes, a major regional centre east of Broken Hill had been declared as a National Transport Hub and there would be a whole range of benefits if they located their business at Parkes rather than Broken Hill.

Warehouse Facility

Fred and Freda make a thoroughly planned strategic decision to locate their Freight Forwarding business in Parkes NSW. They purchased and established a facility with a warehouse and yard with a self-contained workshop with a high truck wash shed which were separate to the main warehouse and office building. The warehouse is large enough for a full B-Double to drive through and be unloaded from one side and the rear if required.

Road trains need to be unloaded in the yard. There is also plenty of racking for floor to ceiling single and in some areas double pallet stacking. Fred had ambitions of being a freight forwarder and soon after creating the business, the business name was changed to Fred n Freda’s Freight Forwarding n Freightliners (FnFFFnF).

  • National and State governments have declared Parkes to be the national transport hub for eastern Australia.
  • The local government authority in Parkes have set aside a large land precinct (516Ha) for the development of 24 hr long haul transport operations.
  • There were significant incentives and support services on offer to transport and logistics businesses to locate or re-locate their operations to Parkes.
  • The Newell Highway is the major arterial linking Melbourne and Brisbane and runs through Parkes at the midway point. Parkes is also easily accessible to Sydney by road via the Great Western Highway or Bells line of Road.
  • B-Double access to Parkes is available on all major routes and road-train access is available from the west including Adelaide.
  • Parkes is strategically situated on the Transcontinental Railway, linking Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. The rail corridor also provides readily accessable rail connections to Perth, Melbourne, Wollongong, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane & Darwin.


  • Office Manager
  • Reception
  • Accounts
  • Warehouse Supervisor
  • Warehouse Hand
  • Warehouse Hand
  • Warehouse Hand
  • Warehouse Hand
  • Warehouse Hand
  • Warehouse Hand


  • Fran Fox
  • Fiona Fraser
  • Frances Faulkner
  • Frank Franks
  • Fabrizio Fernandez
  • Felix Fischer
  • Faith Farnham
  • Floyd Faulkner
  • Fidel Fonesca
  • Felicity Fairclough


  • Lead Mechanic
  • Trainee Mechanic
  • Truck/Trailer Maintenance
  • Truck/Trailer Maintenance
  • Yard Maintenance
  • Storeperson
  • Storeperson
  • Cleaner
  • Guard Dog
  • Guard Dog


  • Forest Flynn
  • Fraser Foster
  • Fallon Fairclough
  • Fay Fox
  • Fletcher Franklyn
  • Fabian Franzese
  • Francisco Freeman
  • Finbarr Finley
  • Fido
  • Fifi